Thomas Sullivant Price, Jr , 17741830 (aged 56 years)

Thomas Sullivant /Price/, Jr

Thomas Price, Jr. was born about 1774 in Johnston County, NC, the 4th of 5 known surviving children (3 girls/2 boys) born to Thomas Price, Sr. of Wilmington, New Hanover County, NC who removed to Johnston County ca. 1762 and married Sarah Sullivant.

Thomas Price Jr. was the grandson of Edward Price (1721-1789) and his unknown 1st wife; and was the gr-grandson of this family's patriarch, Rice Price (1695-1753) a Welsh immigrant from Cardiff who arrived in North Carolina in the early 1700's. This Rice Price had married (1st) Elizabeth "Unknown" by whom he had one son (John, b. 1715). He married (2nd) Tomzin/Thomasina Mathis in 1717 and by her had 5 children.

Thomas Price, Jr. built "Oakey Grove" Plantation, in the Marks Creek/Shotwell area of Wake County, NC. He was a slaveowner, and one of the wealthiest men in the area, with his plantation bordering those of the Hinton's and Mial's. The house he built in 1818, is now an historic landmark. Before the Civil War the Price plantation consisted of 4,500 acres with 5 grist mills on them. Today, only 28-acres remain, and it the land is still owned by his descendants.

In 1800, the 26-year old married 21-year old Rebecca (Rebekah) Robertson of Raleigh, daughter of Thomas Robertson & Lucretia Temple of Virginia. The couple would become parents to 4 known children:

  • Washington "Wash" R. Price (1803-1855)
  • Sheherazade Price MIAL BLAKE(1805-1853)
  • Needham Price (1808-1870)
  • Fetna Price BLAKE (1810-1836)

Thomas was widowed in 1826, when Rebecca died at age 47. He would survive her only 4 years, passing in 1830 at age 56.

Several sources have reported Thomas Price Jr. died in Floyd County, GA; however, those references most likely refer to his brother Ezekiel's son, Thomas Sutton Price (1803-1870), as his brother removed to Floyd Co, GA, and his many descendants lived and died there.

Thomas bequeathed land to both his sons before his death, and when he died, his estate was willed to his only surviving daughter, Sheherezade Price Mial Blake, who is also buried here. At the time of his death, Sherehezade was his only surviving daughter. She had married wealthy plantation owner, Thomas Mial, Jr in 1822 and was widowed by 1837. After her first husband died, she married the Rev. Bennett Taylor Blake, widow of her sister, Fetna who had died in 1836.

As for his other children, eldest son, Washington Price, had left NC and became a wealthy plantation owner at "Oak Grove" in Lafayette County, MS. He married 3 times, and by his 3rd wife Frances Bushrod Harris had 9 known children, including his son, Echboll Price, buried here. Son, Needham Price married Nancy Peters Sanders, daughter of wealthy Johnston County planter, Col. John Sanders II and Elizabeth Temperance Peters and farmed his plantation in Wake County. Needham and Nancy were parents to 3 daughters and a son. He died in 1870. It is not known where he is buried.

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