Sheherezade Price , 18051853 (aged 47 years)

Sheherezade /Price/

Sheherezade Price was born at "Oaky Grove" Plantation in Wake County, NC the 2nd of 4 known surviving children (2 girls/2 boys) born to wealthy planter, Thomas Price Jr. and Rebecca Robertson.

She was the paternal grandchild Thomas Price Sr. & Sarah Sullivant of Johnston County, and gr-grandchild of Edward Price (1721-1789) and his unknown 1st wife who came to Johnston County from Wilmington, NC ca. 1745. On her mother's side she was the grandchild of Thomas Robertson & Lucretia Temple who came to Wake County, NC from Brunswick Virginia in the mid-to-late 1770's.

At about age 17, she married 21-year old Thomas Mial, Jr., son of wealthy Wake County planter, Thomas Mial Sr. This marriage produced only one child, Alonzo Thomas Rush Mial, born in 1823, just about a year after the marriage. Sometime before 1837, Thomas Mial Jr. died and Sheherezade was left a wealthy widow, with over 2,100 acres of land, more than 20 slaves, and several mills straddling Wake and Johnston Counties.

In 1836 Sherezade's younger sister, Fetna Price Blake died; and her 36-year old widowed husband, Rev. Bennett T. Blake, turned to the 32-year old widow Sheherezade Price Mial for comfort. They were married less than a year later. Two days before the marriage, the couple signed an indenture which put most of Sheherezade's wealth (inherited from her father) into the hands of her brother, Needham Price, for safe keeping in trust and for her use, should she survive Blake. The wealth from her first husband, Thomas Mial, Jr., passed to their son, Alonzo T. Mial.

After the marriage, Blake's two surviving children (Sheherezade's niece and nephew), Laura and Bennett Blake Jr, came to live at the Price Plantation "Oaky Grove" in Wake County with Sheherezade and her son, Alonzo T. Mial. It was here that Sheherezade and Rev. Blake would have one child together, Joseph Blake, born in 1839.

The Blake marriage lasted 16 years until Sheherezade died in 1853 at age 48. Her husband never remarried and remained a widower another 29 years, dying at the plantation "Oaky Grove" in 1882.

Sheherezade Price Mial Blake is reportedly buried with her husband, and her sister Fetna, marked only by the gravestone shown here. However, the cemetery does have 3 unmarked vaults, that might possibly hold her remains.

As for her children, Alonzo T. Mial married Victoria LeMay in 1850, daughter of prominent Raleigh newspaper editor Thomas J. LeMay. They were parents to 7 known children (5 boys/2 girls). Alonzo was one of the wealthiest planters in antebellum Wake County, and although his cash wealth was greatly diminished after the war, he managed to sustain and increase his wealth by turning his large plantation into one of the first share-cropping systems of agriculture in this part of North Carolina. Alonzo died sometime between 1880-1900, and Victoria died February 25, 1901. This researcher has never been able to locate the graves of Thomas Mial Jr., or Alonzo & Victoria LeMay Mial. It is my believe they may be buried on the family plantation in Wake County, which still survives today (on a smaller scale) located on Mial Plantation Road in Wake County. This beautifully restored house, which contains original outbuildings, is privately owned.

Joseph Blake, her son by the Rev. Bennett Blake, married Lucy Caroline Person of Franklin County in 1860 and was a wealthy planter in Wake County, later becoming a surveyor in Raleigh. He was father to 3 known children and an adopted son, John Hampton (Blake). He and his wife are buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

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