Michael Anton Briltz , 19312019 (aged 87 years)

Michael Anton /Briltz/

BRILTZ, Michael A.
June 26, 1931 - February 17, 2019
Mike Briltz, formerly of Estevan, SK, Regina, SK and late of Selkirk, MB
passed away peacefully at age 87. He is survived by his daughters Andrea (Glenn) Jones and Claudia (David) Klausen,
his three granddaughters; Marissa (Tobius) Manning, Erinn (Mark) Soloway and Jacquelynn (Robbie Olbrich)
and his precious great- granddaughter Ripleigh Rose Soloway.
He was predeceased by his wife Emily in 2003.
At his request, there will be no funeral service.
Published on February 20, 2019
Regina Leader-Post


Michael Anton Briltz (June 26/31 - February 17/19)
His life well lived! His earthly life has ended! Late Sunday evening, February 17th, our father passed from this earthly world to his eternal home where he was reunited with his true love, Emily.
Dad's life began June 26, 1931 in the small town of Lampman. His parents Marcus and Molly provided him with many playmates as dad was 1 of 11 children.
Dad was second youngest of this brood so some of his older siblings had left the home by the time he was born.
However, throughout dad's adult life, family gatherings provided great opportunities for many stories and much love.
He married his true love Emily on August 18, 1956 and they were blessed with 47 years of marriage and memories. Unfortunately, Emily passed in 2003.
At a young age dad realized that hard work paid off. He became a master carpenter learning the trade from the likes of names including Fagerheim, Vall & Bob Goud Construction.
He ended his work career at SaskTel and thoroughly enjoyed those years working with Al, Bob, Reid, Chuck, Skip, Garnett and many others.
Besides working hard, dad believed play was important in life. As a youngster, he mastered the pool cue, built his own table and would take on anyone even when he was in his 80's.
He loved competition. Another love of dad's was hunting and all it entailed -scouting, decoy set up, the hunt and the LUNCH! Finally, his other form of play was with dirt and "manure" in his garden.
Anyone who stopped at 816 Hastings got a chance to experience Estevan's biggest, tastiest, earliest radishes.
Gardening gave him great pleasure. Not only did dad enjoy play but he enjoyed being a part of it through his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
He coached his girls to many softball championships; he made the best toboggan ever crafted; he sharpened many skates, he built many forts with Marissa, Erinn and Jacquelynn; he shared hunting tips with Brett; he enjoyed wildlife watching with great grandchildren Nate and Joey at his last home in Selkirk.
Oh, the stories he would tell! Friends were important in both dad's and mom's lives. They were blessed with great friendships that lasted forever.
Card playing, dancing and dinners involved many family and friends. Estevan was and always will be home for dad. Although he moved to Regina and then Selkirk, MB, he always enjoyed hearing stories from home.
He passed as he wished - peacefully, quietly, on his own terms and ready for his next journey.
Dad was predeceased by his parents, many brothers and sisters, his wife Emily and granddaughter Andrea.
He is survived by daughters Andrea (Glenn), Claudia (David), grandchildren Marissa (Tobias), Erinn (Mark), Jacquelynn (Robbie), Brett (Sheana),
great grandchildren Nathaniel, Joey, Ripleigh & Jonathan.
He also leaves younger brother Ray and numerous nieces and nephews.
Cremation has taken place.
Interment to follow at a later date.

Published in Estevan Mercury from Feb. 27 to Feb. 28, 2019

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