Edward Kennedy Reese , 18861942 (aged 56 years)

Edward Kennedy /Reese/

Indianapolis News,Indianapolis, Marion County, 17 December 1900

BASKETBALL LEAGUE. Clubs Composed of Shortridge and Kfatiual Training High School. Physical director Fred West, of the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium, has organised a basketball league of five clubs, made up from students at the Shortridge and Manual Training High Schools who are members of the Y. M. C. A. The clubs are named after their captains, and gomes will be played In the Y. If. C. A. gymnasium every Saturday. The teams and players are: Overstreets- Chester Overstreet, Ben Coughlin. Edward Kennedy Reese, Christian Schmidt and Walter Pray. Millers-Morris Miller, Harry Wheeler, Harry Schmidt. Homer Rlppitoe and Tom Sheeirin.
Gecklers-Walter Geckler, Ray Bangs, Rudolph Prelate, Earl Riddle and Har-. old Thompson. Nichols-Fred Nichols, Glen Wheeler, David Berry, Albert Brlster and Ralph Jones. Dunnings-Leh-man Dunning, Ray Hall, Walter Guedel,
GUI and Bigger. � ' -
In the opening games, Saturday, the Millers defeated the Nichols 17 to 4, and the Gecklers bested the Overstreets 9 to 6. If suitable material can be found another club will be organized, making
a s'.x-ciub league.
Director West has not given up hope of organizing a regular league, to be made up of teams from the Y. M. C. A., Butler College, the Shortridge and Man-
ual Training High Schools.


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