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Elma Katrine Asmussen (1895–1975) Anders Kristian Jensen + Laura Kirstine Jørgensen Iver Jensen Holmgaard (1907–1966) Jens Christian (–) Christian Michael Madsen (1950–2017) Rasmus Nielsen (1884–1919) Christian Michael Madsen (1880–1949) Gudrun Sørensen (1923–2019) Bertel Marius Nielsen + Kirstine Jensen Aksel Andersen Klausen (1912–1949) Søren Thomsen (1921–2001) Jens Krisensen Bro (1870–1928) Aase Dalgaard Andersen (1937–2019) Martin Abel Skovsted (1949–2014) Kristian Nørgaard Laugesen (1892–1963) Ole Christian Jensen (1867–1963) Laura Sheherazade Blake (1864–1936) Anna Nørgaard Hansen (1914–2002) Hans Laugesen (1860–1943) Laurentinus Sørensen (1859–) Ellen Nørgaard Laugesen (1929–2021) Karl Gustav Andersen Klausen (1925–2006) Gudrun Oda Thomsen Nielsen (1917–2018) Andrea Petrine Sørensen (1895–1964) Holger Nielsen + Johanne Nielsen Ane Marie Kristensen (1885–1953) Henning Evald Klausen (1949–2020) Mads Andersen Jensen + Ane Margrethe Nielsen Rigmor Madsen (1919–2007) Alma Marie Nielsen (1913–1986) Johanne Jensen (1869–1957) Anne Pedersen (1910–1986) Niels Pedersen + Sidsel Christensen Gudrun Sørensen (1923–2019) Helga Kusk Pedersen (1916–1995) Kimberly James Wakely (1960–2007) Laust Kristensen Sørensen Søndergaard + Mette Katrine Nielsen Obel Lykke Christensen + Bodil Bang-Nielsen Peder Storgaard Laugesen + Gerda Mølgaard Olesen Esta Lilly Nyholm Kristensen (1908–2008) Christen Madsen + Jepbine Nielsine Pedersen Helvig Pedersdatter Søndergaard (1829–1891) Helena Neufeld (1917–1994) Niels Ketelsen (1928–2017) Aganetha Fehr (1925–2021) Holger Vejen Pedersen (1912–1937) Ib Nyholm Kristensen (1949–1998) Esther Nyholm Christensen (1963–2017) Karla Christensen (1941–2007) Ruth Nørgaard Laugesen (1930–2018) Bernhard Kummel (1919–1980) Michael Anton Briltz (1931–2019) Karl Christensen (1912–2005) Mette Cecilie Pedersen (1887–1928) Maren Pedersen (1892–1979) Anders Ejgil Bukhave + Elna Pedersen Sofus Kristian Knudsen + Karen Ørgård Jensen Steffen Hemmingsen (1949–2015) Kristen Ludvig Jensen (1898–1977) Sofus Kristian Knudsen + Karen Ørgård Jensen Anna Kirkegaard (1901–1986) Dagny Olivia Laugesen (1908–1985) Peder Poulsen Christiansen + Mette Storgaard Laugesen Kristian Nørgaard Laugesen (1892–1963) Bertha Katrine Jensen (1920–2019) Mads Nielsen + Else Jensdatter Klaus Andersen Klausen (1884–1888) Jean Joachim Dupasquier (1866–1937) Aksel Nielsen + Esther Kristensen Esther Sørensen (1929–2012) Karl Josef Christensen (1923–1989) Bertha … (1888–1979) Jean Joachim Dupasquier (1866–1937) Mariane Kristensen (1881–1953) Andreas Andersen Klausen (1891–1979) Hedvig Kortbek Jensen (1919–2007) Peder Christensen + Pethrine Jakobsen Andreas Andersen Klausen + Mette Cecilie Pedersen Poul Erik Nielsen (1948–2005) Karen Jensen (1904–1937) Thomas Christensen (1846–1907) Bertha Katrine Jensen (1920–2019) Bertha Katrine Jensen (1920–2019) Else Marie Christensen (1863–1936) Jens Dalgaard Andersen + Marie Magdalene Jensen Nyborg Laust Sørensen + Karen Laugesen Christian Michael Madsen (1950–2017) Ole Christian Jensen (1867–1963) Jacob Fehr (1859–1952) Karen Andersen Nielsen (1908–1987) Alice Mary Devos (1920–2013) Holger Pedersen (1909–1984) Ib Sleimann (1933–2018) Lene Ørgaard Knudsen (1959–2014) Jakob Pedersen Graagaard (1892–1961) Niels Kristian Povlsen Nielsen (1879–1960)